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    to Rogue Equine Hospital for compassionate, personalized, expert equine medical care serving southern Oregon and northern California.

  • Imaging Services

    Imaging Services

    Dr. Ferguson and Tamara utilize cutting-edge imaging technology to diagnose lameness issues.

  • Dental Care

    Dental Care

    Dr. Benson and Becca provide dental services for overall horse well-being and extended life expectancy.

  • Reproduction Services

    Reproduction Services

    Our mare barn houses a full processing laboratory, five video-monitored foaling stalls, three stallion stalls and an indoor stallion collection room.

  • Alternative Medicine – Acupuncture

    Alternative Medicine – Acupuncture

    Acupuncture Therapy is offered by Dr. Timmons who is certified by IVAS

Compassionate, Individualized, Expert Care

Welcome to Rogue Equine Hospital, where we take the time to listen and then customize our services to meet the needs of both our patients and their owners. We incorporate the latest developments in the equine medical field, updating our technology and pursuing advanced certifications in such innovative treatment modalities as chiropractic and acupuncture. Our advanced imaging technologies provide crystal clear images, far superior to previous x-ray and sonogram. We invite you to come visit us near Eagle Point in the Rogue Valley. Our facility is the most advanced and well-equipped in the southern Oregon and northern California area, the only equine facility offering surgery and advanced reproduction services. Explore our website to find rich informational resources on a wide variety of topics relating to your horse’s wellbeing. Here you can purchase prescription medications and health supplies, read our blog about cutting edge issues, sign up for our informative newsletters, and in the near future, attend seminars and webinars on a wide variety of educational topics.


Complementary Medicine

William Ferguson, DVM, is certified for chiropractic treatment.
Thomas Timmons, DVM, is certified in acupuncture (IVAS).

Preventive Care

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